7 habits of a highly successful college student

Actions develop to habits and habits form characters and characters is who you are. Habits is what you do and defines how much you achieve every day.

Habits make life easier to handle and prevent pressure and stress. They include, setting goals, observing discipline such as presenting well done homework by accessing best assignment help sites online. Such habits among others are discussed in this article.

 A college student who is hungry for success should have well-defined habits that help cultivate towards major goal. Habits that a successful student should cultivate are not a whole burn of calories but instead are easy to do tasks as discussed below.

  1. Sets goals

A college student who does not set goals is like a ship on the sea without a captain. They do not have direction and the slightest of current sway them away. Such student does what others are doing even if it is not benefiting them.

A successful student set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound goals both short term and long term. They make daily priority-based list to guide them through the day towards the main goal. The more tasks they accomplish the more they become motivated.

  1. Exercise

Keeping fit and healthy is vital as the student strive to achieve academic success. Waking up to jog, stretching, gym, sports and other physical activities help the student keep fit. This is important to burn calories to prevent obesity and relax the brain to help capture enough in studies.

  1. Observe discipline

A successful college student has high order of discipline. They understand that indiscipline behaviour may lead to punishment such as sanctions that cost them their precious study time. They observe the rule of the 3 rights; 

Doing the right thing- doing what is necessary for the moment.

In the right place- know the specific environment to do things. For example, during lunch, eat your lunch in the dining hall not in the library. On the right time- do not be studying in the library when it time for games. That would be doing the right thing at the wrong time.

Disciplined students try all they can to observe the rules and regulations and be in good terms with the teachers, colleagues, and other staffs. The discipline of doing their homework well and on time, presenting research paper projects on time contribute to their success.


  1. Ask for help

It is not worth struggling with things alone when you are surrounded by sources of help. A successful college student seek help when need arises. They connect with other students, lecturers, parents, and staff for support and help towards their goals.

They are friendly and can get assistants from anyone. This reduces the risks of stress and depression that may hinder academic achievement.

  1. Avoid procrastination

Procrastinating is a dangerous habit that increases the probability of failure. Avoiding piling up work until the last-minute saves you from the stress of last-minute rush. Work done hastily in the last minute may be shabby and leads to poor score and eventually poor grades.

Using the daily priority list, you are able to complete all activities of the day. This prevents carrying forward a day’s work to the next.

  1. Eat healthy

College students are tempted to depend on junks for meals. This is a risky habit to your health and academic goals. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day that a student should closely observe.

The three meals in a day are vital, that is, breakfast, lunch, and supper, therefore avoid skipping meals. This will keep your body and brain energized to help focus on your studies.

Ensuring your meals are balanced and have vital nutrients and vitamins is crucial for healthy living. Finally keep the body hydrated by taking in enough fluids especially water.

  1. Get enough sleep

You should observe good sleeping habits. Sleep is important to relax the body and the brain to boost the ability study. Students should avoid any activity that interrupts your sleeping schedule such as night parties and clubbing, late night studies, and watching movies.

Fit in all your activities in the day’s schedule to remain with ample time for night sleep. Create an organized, clean, and quite environment to help catch sleep easily. Avoid carrying your work to bed by finishing all you have to do on the study table before getting into bed.

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In verdict

Successful college students have the above discussed habits as guidelines to their success. They do not struggle too much to achieve. They adopt simple habits which take them a step towards their academic achievements. They are not easily swayed away because they are guided by the above rules that they integrate into their daily routine to form habits.

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