5 Reasons To Love Daybeds: An Extra Sleeping Space for Less!

In between finding storage and freeing up space to squeeze in your workstation, accommodating guests present a conundrum for many homeowners living in small apartments. How long will they stay? Specifically, where will they sleep? 

Stow-away trundle beds and folding mattresses are some practical solutions to provide a cozy stay for your overnight guests. But, they just don’t have the functionality and aesthetic-appeal daybeds have to offer. A couch by day and bed by night—a daybed can serve double duty as an everyday couch and an occasional bed. With this furniture, you don’t even have to worry about where to stow it away when not in use. 

Set up a daybed and you’ll never have to worry about your friends Orthomattress and family coming over. Below are 5 more elaborate reasons to love a daybed. 

1. Multifunctionality

Is it a bed or a sofa? Daybeds combine the comfort of a bed with the functionality of a sofa. You can use it interchangeably and for different applications around the home. It provides much-needed seating in the daytime and sleeping space at night.

2. Space-Saving 

When you live in a small apartment, you often have to make compromises with your furniture. However, buy a daybed and you’ll practically have a bed and a sofa in one. It can be fitted with a pull-out trundle, too, to allow more sleeping space.

3. Versatility

A daybed is often seen as a space-saving solution to small apartments. But, what you probably don’t often consider is that it can also grace otherwise empty spaces. Convert a spare room into a home office, entertainment room, or mixed-use area, and use a daybed for a multi-functional furniture piece. 

4. Variety of Style

Much like any bed or sofa, daybeds are available in an assortment of styles, shapes, and sizes to match any interior and space allowance. While a twin-size daybed is a standard, you will find daybeds in up to king sizes. They are usually made from metal, wood, or a combination of both, but you’ll find versions in rattan, wicker, or fabric as well. 

5. Comfort 

However you wish to look at it, daybeds boast bed-like levels of comfort. They are spacious enough that unlike a futon or a sofa, you can stretch out your legs here. With their arms and headboard-like features, they also make it easy to recline, sit up, and get off. 

In terms of getting a daybed for your home, you have at least two options: buy one or make your own. 

How to DIY a Daybed 

 1. Set up one with plywood. 

Create a humble yet sturdy and functional furniture piece with your leftover plywood. It’s a great way to put an unused corner in your home to good use. 

 2. Transform your spare mattress into a daybed. 

If you already have a mattress at home, convert it into a daybed by adding legs and screwing them into the corners of a box spring. You can source these materials online or from your local hardware store.

3. Use old pallets. 

For a rustic vibe and often a cheap price tag, you can use old pallets to create the base for your daybed. You only need a few more materials to complete the furniture: some industrial pipes to serve as a headboard and a pair of arms—completely optional. 

The Best Daybeds You Shouldn’t Mis

Everyone has their style preferences and space requirements. But, make sure to take into consideration the quality and cost to get the best out of your purchase. Below are some options to 

1.Furniture of America Cottage Style Daybed with Storage 

This daybed combines elegance with cottage style. It features a black, wooden frame with a straight backrest and arms and a built-in twin-size trundle for additional sleeping space. But, what completes its multifunctionality is its three spacious drawers underneath. Overall, it’s an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture built to last.

2. Camaflexi Twin Daybed 

With its compact design, you can fit this daybed even in a small corner of your home. Its all-white finish provides flexibility in style—add a vibrant mattress for a pop of color or use covers in neutral colors to keep it clean and classy. This furniture has a trundle underneath, which you can use for an extra mattress or as additional storage. 

4. Homesential Daybed for Patio

A break from the usual rectangular-shaped daybeds, this outdoor daybed is made with brown wicker and features a retractable canopy and sectional seating. It’s made for the outdoors, perfect if you love hosting pool parties or weekend barbeques. But, extra care is necessary to protect it from elements like rain, sun, and dust. 

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A Daybed For You!

A daybed is one of the most versatile furniture items you will ever find. With this information, there should be little confusion in deciding which one is best for you. Can You Wear Linen in Winter, it would be a great helpful for you to know about linen. 

If you’re looking for one or already have a daybed at home that you adore, we’d love to hear from you! Let’s talk by leaving a comment below!

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