Why we can’t wait for March madness to begin?

We missed a healthy dose of madness so much. With the nature awakening and things getting back to real normal instead of ‘’new’’ normal and sporting events starting happening again – it is great to add a bit of madness to the mix. March Madness to be exact!

We had an exciting month in February and we really enjoyed Super Bowl so the most logical thing is to continue that way and enjoy the sports in all their glory. Save the date on the 13th of March because it is going to be your lucky day, despite the bad reputation surrounding that number. If you are feeling lucky and you are excited about all the hype you can try betting on march madness! And we bet it is going to be a blast!

What March Madness means and why do they call it March Madness?

March Madness was first used in 1939 when an Illinois high school athletics administrator used it in his article about a basketball game. 

In 1972, Harold Anderson and Walter Byers created the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship and later called it March Madness – with 8 teams competing at first. 50 years after, everyone embraced the name of this tournament because it was perfectly describing the excitement surrounding the tournament. Some say the march madness has roots in the behavior of rabbits because they get aggressive in the month of March – but we love the excitement idea better.

We liked the term it that much that it is still around and we are equally excited as back then. 

What are the dates of March Madness 2022?

Starting on the Sunday 13th of March 2022 – we have a very exciting three weeks coming up. The finale would be held on April the 4th and it will probably help you hate Mondays less. It will be a very exciting day in New Orleans, Louisiana. Next year the finale would be in Houston. 

You can watch all games on CBS and Turner Sports stations. These media giants will split the broadcasting.

Why is March Madness so significant?

March Madness has a long-standing tradition deeply rooted in our culture.  March Madness is of the utmost importance for universities and colleges across the American nation. It is part of our pride and heritage. It is representing a completely new and different stage for all schools, representing a unique opportunity for athletic programs and student body to get the spotlight they deserve.

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