Slot formula according to the pro’s words

Pro the word doesn’t come because luck helps of course because more than one player gets the word pg conjugate he has had to play online slot games for less than five years, which this much duration allows him to know various things in the game, as well as to devise a winning formula. That can also be used in real games. If you want to be one of the players who beat the slot game the way Xian won, today we have a slot formula according to the pro, and I’m sure you’ll be able to win the prize money.

6 Slot Formulas of Professional Players

1. bet as usual

The first recipe is a so-called normal pg betting winning recipe in which the principle of using the recipe comes in the form of a bag of pressing the betting spin, and the first time you make a spin and press stop yourself, and then the second to fourth times of slot rotation let you press spin and wait for the game to stop, and you eventually have to repeat it four to five times, and you can stop immediately once you are satisfied with the prize money.

2. a recipe for sharing bets

The subsequent pg winning formula will be completely different from the first one because this is the first betting formula that you bet. Let’s bet 5 % of the total amount you want to play. When you win the bet up to 100 baht, and in the next betting, from winning the bet up to 100 baht, you increase the amount you play by 10%.This is 200 baht, and the amount of money played is increased by 15%, continuing to do this until you are satisfied with winning the bet, and this is guaranteed to be a pocket overflow.

3. 400 Slot Formula

The name of the recipe may sound a little confusing. But believe it, this recipe is good, because many professionals say it’s the same sound that it’s used in slot games. As you know, slot is a pg game that takes time to play in, in fact, we might not have to press 400 times, but choose the amount of money to bet for a very high amount of money so that we can play that slot game long. Because a long play will increase the chances of getting bonuses and jackpot from the game itself.

4. Minimum of 4 betting formulas

The formula named minimum 4 times, the formula is not difficult to use, and it is another one that works pretty well in betting as well, where round 1-4 is used at a low rate, and when it reaches round 5, the amount of money is increased because the chances of winning the pg slot may be greater, the advantages of this formula will not cost much, and can be applied manually to the desired money, and guaranteed. That it works really well.

5. Random Number View Formula

For the formula to win a pg slot game like this, it would be to raise the amount of money at stake, which must be said that it is a game that is not difficult to play at all, when it is seen that the number on the Random Channel is increasing, as it is a sign that there may be a release bonus in the next round, by double the amount of money at stake from normal betting as well.

6. The formula bets 16 times

The final winning formula for the slot game is the winning formula named 16 times betting formula, and the formula is also to observe various factors around the loop. Observing the various factors of the slot we chose to play, it was found that the jackpot pg should not break soon, using a formula with a larger number of plays like the 16 times formula will give you a faster chance to reach the jackpot, but the formula costs more money and takes a longer time to play, so the player has to mind this part.

Here are six of the slot recipes that we’ve chosen to offer to the players, and we believe that when you do this, it’s going to help you increase your slot profits.

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