Luck or fatal mistake Graham Potter?

In September 2022, Graham Potter signed with Chelsea FC and became the head coach. Now many football fans are betting that he did the right thing. Perhaps the management of the new club is also interested in the same question.

After all, bookmakers reacted to this with a decrease, not an increase in quotes, and no one is in a hurry to place a bet on on the victory of Chelsea this season.

Creative, odious, but effective

Everyone knows that Graham has his own approach to training. He stands out for his unusualness to such an extent that there was even a joke that his athletes dance “Swan Lake”. But in every joke there is some truth. He advised his wards to sing, dance, play in the theater. And most importantly – to think.

Shock of bookmakers and betters of two seasons

Of course, this is Brighton FC. Even if he is in the Premier League, he has not been at the top of the table before the arrival of the “Magician”. But 2021 became a breakthrough when the team began to break all the forecasts of betting companies and rush forward.

Many wrote it off as an accident, but the current season has proven that it was just a warm-up. The club got off to a great start, going undefeated. Already the first meeting with Manchester United and the victory of an outsider. Brighton forced both bookmakers and professional bettors to “grab their hearts”, change the scheme, lines and order of bets.

On the crest of a wave

This whole breakthrough was associated exclusively with the work of the head coach. Therefore, he received an offer from Chelsea to head the coaching staff. Potter agreed and signed a contract for 5 years. Was it a mistake?

Which raises a number of doubts

From the Club side:

  • in the last 20 years, no boss has lasted longer than 2 years;
  • FC has obvious problems, the team is playing worse;
  • the previous coach was effectively kicked out in a split second. The penalty will be paid, but the reputation is already “tarnished”.

Graham Potter:

  • practically “threw” the team with which he worked for more than two years;
  • plus began to lure players;
  • left with his staff, and in the middle of the season.

That is, each side has its own series of ugly deeds. Based on this, consider the mistakes / insights of G. Potter.

Will it be possible to “conjure” in Chelsea?

The main question: where was Graham in such a hurry? His FC played flawlessly, it was quite possible to reach the top five, which gave excellent prospects. But in the passive would be such an achievement. Now there are flattering reviews, a breakthrough, but there are no victories as such. Over time, everyone will forget about the rise, and they will remember how the players were left without a coach.

Another important point for the reputation and rating: the tournament is not over and if Brighton & Hove Albion will play at the same level, then without G.P. breaks up. With the simultaneous fall of Chelsea down – it will be difficult for Potter to work.

Although it won’t be easy. A rich club with a host of expensive players always creates difficulties for a new coach, and here he is also a “newcomer from the periphery”.

By the way, Graham himself has already understood, so he is trying to pull everyone he can out of Brighton.

It is not a fact that the Chelsea management will agree to change the entire team to the former “Potterians”, so it’s not worth betting on long-term work yet.

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