Live betting on hockey, how can I make the most money?

Hockey is a very popular sport. This is due to various factors. Hockey duels are famous for a large number of sensations and spectacular comebacks. Many players placing live bets on hockey believe that such unpredictability is the most important advantage of hockey.

Betting in hockey can be very different. How can I make money on live betting on hockey?

Strategy betting on the total over 1.5 in the second period

You can bet on the fact that in the second period of the match will be scored at least two goals, if:

  • In the first period scored less than two goals.
  • In the first period made more than 19 shots on goal.
  • Both teams have scored more than one-third of their previous season goals in the second period.
  • Total more than 1.5 in the second period has passed in the last matchup of these teams.
  • The best scorers of the teams played in the first period.

Betting strategy on TB in the third period

To make a bet on the fact that in the third period of the match another puck will be scored in the following cases:

One of the teams leads in the third period with a difference of one puck.
The odds exceed 2.00.
The teams did not score the number of goals expected by the bookmakers.

Outsider betting strategy

It is necessary to bet on the victory of the underdog, taking into account overtime and shootouts in a regular NHL or KHL match, given the following criteria:

  1. The underdog plays a home game.
  2. The favorite plays its second game in two days.
  3. Two or more first-tier players of the favorite miss the meeting.
  4. The Outsider has won more than half of its home games this season.

Play-Off Strategy for a Tie Period

Catch-up is a strategy in which a player increases the next bet or odds so that the first bet he wins overwrites previous losses and makes a profit.

The initial bet is a bet on a draw in the first period. If it did not play, it is worth taking a draw in the following periods until the first success. If there is still no draw, you need to move on to another meeting and continue to bet according to the strategy of catch-up.

The odds for a draw in the first period are usually about 2.50. In the next two – about 2.90 and 3.20 respectively.

You can bet on hockey in absolutely any bookmaker’s office. Many betting companies offer new customers interesting bonuses and a variety of promotions. Do not forget that you need to play responsibly and keep a close eye on the correct allocation of the bank.

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