Dog Bite Injury – What Should You Do!

Dogs are great companions to humans, but even a bite from a small dog can result in a permanent scar, excessive pain, and bacterial infections leading to immediate medical care. A dog bite can be reported regardless of the size of the bite or the dog or the depth of the bite. 

An official report for a dog bite can make the dog owner liable for his dog’s action and ensure that the dog’s behaviour is controlled and does not create violence and behave aggressively. In addition, the owner can also be held accountable to compensate for your injury. You can contact a personal injury lawyer Fort Wayne if you are a victim of a dog bite injury.

Here are things to do if you are a victim of a dog bite injury:

Most people do not take dog bites too seriously because the dog owner is their friend or feel like they do not want to make a big deal out of a dog bite, but there are legal ways through which you are allowed to claim compensation even for a dog bite injury. The following are recommended things to do if you are bit by a dog and wondering what to do next:

  1. Documentation of the dog bite incident is the first thing any victim is expected to do. You have to gather information about the dog owner, his contact details, eyewitnesses (if any), a picture of the dog, an image of the dog bite, and the location where it happened.
  2. Seeking medical attention is recommended because there is a high chance of bacterial infections from a dog bite. While you are getting treated for the dog bite injury, ensure that you collect all the medical bills because your medical reports can serve as crucial evidence when filing for a dog bite claim.
  3. With all the relevant evidence and supporting documents, file a report on a dog bite injury and remember to tell the dog owner about the incident (if the owner was not present at the incident) because the dog owner should know about his dog’s behaviour. If not, there is a possibility that anyone could turn into a victim to the same dog in the future.
  4. Getting in touch with an attorney and fighting for a dog bite claim can result in compensation for your medical costs and economic losses. Also, the attorney will provide legal advice and make the dog owner accountable for his dog’s aggressive behaviour.

In case there are severe injuries, it is essential that the pet owner covers all your medical expenses and other bills. Hiring an injury lawyer can help you understand the right steps for your case. 

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