5 Easy Steps On Taking Care Of Your Sports Shoes

Basketball, just like the famous player, Lebron James, needs essential equipment and accessories such as shoes to play the game. this can sometimes be crucial to the game, especially the type of comfort it gives to the player, and also the increase in players’ traction and support when it comes to their footing that can improve their movements. They can also increase the effectiveness of the player and give them a sense of responsibility to take care of it because some can be pricey because of the brand’s reputation. Some athletes, especially in the collegiate level cannot afford constant change of shoes that’s why this article will give you tips on how you will take good care of your shoes to prevent buying another one. These are 5 steps to be extra clean and careful of your shoes.

  • Keep Your Shoes In Good Condition By Cleaning Them.

Some shoes are used for outdoor basketball which can produce dirt on your boots over time. This is why cleaning them will be your number one solution, this is the first step in maintaining your sports shoes is to give them a regular cleaning routine. This is the most common remedy that everyone could do in their free time. There are several materials that you can use to make your shoe brand new after cleaning them. You can use a moist cloth and a gentle soap; this is commonly used by people who don’t have the budget for expensive cleaning agents. An example of this is dishwashing liquid or shampoo. But be careful using these products because some materials are sensitive that it might damage the shoe. By doing this, you can help clear the shoe’s surface of any debris that might be impairing its performance on the court. If your boots require high-maintenance cleaning such as cleaning materials like shoe wipes and stuff, you can research them on the internet for their affordability and effectiveness to your shoe. Some brands prioritize specific stains and can also prevent white parts from turning yellow, which is a common problem, especially on white shoes.

  • investing in shoe trees

Basketball shoes might benefit from shoe trees to help keep their shape and avoid creases. Creases are common and they can easily tear the shoe if not prevented early. This is common for basketball shoes because their movements that can be considered extreme. So, every night after a game or practice, you should put them in your shoes since they feature an airtight seal that keeps moisture out. This will prevent the stress that accumulated on your shoe from stretching the material, which makes it lose, hence producing a crease.

There are alternatives to purchasing shoe trees for your sneakers, such as packing them with newspaper before storing them at night, this is another home remedy that you can use, just make sure that the paper that you will use doesn’t tear easily to prevent paper scattering inside your shoe. This will perfectly keep the shape, enough to reduce crease because it will fill in any spaces where heat can go especially on leather shoes.  This can save you money from buying shoes and this can also work for those shoes that you use outside of the court because there are shoes that look bad with a crease so might as well protect it early on.

  • Keep them away from heat

Heat can also deteriorate and shorten the life span of your shoe. To make sure that your shoes are safe, you should thoroughly clean your shoes with a wet towel when you arrive home, and then place them near the window to air dry. If it’s too difficult for you to keep track of where they go every night after practice, you may alternatively place them in front of an open door or a fan. But never put them in hot places because there are materials that are sensitive to heat that can damage the surface of your shoe.

There are also times when heat can produce odor. Sometimes, you’ll ultimately forget about these things and wind up leaving your foul-smelling footwear inside your shoe. Heat can make your feet sweat and can be left inside your shoe and heat can also enter the shoe which dries it all up, making your shoe smell bad. This is common for athletes because training can produce amounts of sweat on their feet. Always clean them before drying them, at least this way, you can ensure that your shoe can always be on the go. You can normally just remove the laces when storing my basketball shoes overnight so that the air inside your shoe can go out and the odor can be removed after cleaning. So, make sure that you do this because this can maximize your shoes’ life as long as possible. 

  • Shoe covers prevent them from getting wet, especially in outdoor basketball.

Always wear shoe covers when playing outside like football that can be seen on, especially if it’s raining. Some materials are sensitive to water to sometimes they can absorb it making them tear over time. Some socks are commonly absorbent that can make your feet comfortable and can also protect your shoes from damage and odor that can be done by sweat.

Don’t forget to purchase the ideal basketball bag to hold your sneakers because this was important for your shoes to be protected while traveling. There are times that you will play on far stadiums so make sure that your shoes are protected from dirt, heat, and water, you can use these to store them properly, so you don’t have to carry them with your bare hands. This can also prevent your shoes from being misplaced because they are just in one bag. Some bags can store multiple shoes so if you have the budget, it is recommended to invest in them so you can have a safer trip with your shoe.

  • After six months, change your shoelaces to prevent fraying and breaking from wear and tear.

Changing the shoelaces every six months is one of the most crucial pieces of advice that can be given to extending the lifespan of a pair of basketball shoes. This advice may be more crucial than it initially appears because frayed or broken shoelaces will shorten the lifespan of your shoes. You can always visit a store and get new ones if you don’t want to replace them yourself. This can also be good especially when you want your shoes to look stylish as well since you can pick any color that you want.


Basketball shoes are crucial, just like the ones that Lebron wears and other players on This might not drastically amp up the way that you play but it is still an important accessory that you use not just inside the court, but in your everyday life outside as well. Therefore, it is wise to take proper care of them. Your basketball sneakers will last a lot longer if you adhere to these suggestions and you can research other methods as well on the internet especially if your shoes have a specific care that it needs.

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